Siège : La Rochelle



Analyze carefully your organization, your departments and teams, help you make the right strategic choices and implement efficient processes in your development abroad.

We provide expertise on

  • Organizations & structures analysis
  • Managerial innovation
  • Audit of relationships with internal & external stakeholders
  • Development of strategy, organization & production
  • Change management (international, merger acquisition, industrial, staffing, culture, resources)
  • Project management
  • Learning plans design
  • Support of new business creation / Business plan

A 3 steps process

  • Observation of behaviors and processes on your production site and/or offices
  • Interview of key members and staff  according to the issues
  • Reports with recommandations, propositions of action and implementation

Results expected

  • Productivity gain
  • Organizational optimization
  • A shared vision of the organization and objectives
  • Definition of a road map to develop your business
  • Information transmission more fluent, more efficient
  • Weakness identification and change options
  • Eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Identifying and solving conflicts & problems