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Skills Development

skill dev

Trainings, coaching, workshops, seminars, e-learning, flash learning… Improve behavioral and technical skills of your staff in order to maximize your global expansion.

Some examples of training programs dedicated to you global development:


  • Developing your public speaking skills and presentations in a foreign country
  • Interpersonal skills for executives and managers in international environment


  • Develop its own creativity and team’s one
  • Lead creative and collaborative meetings
  • Creative research seminars


  • Manage a cross-cultural team
  • Prepare expatriation
  • Improving business relationships with foreign stakeholders

Learning development

  • Training design & animation (basic – experimented – expert)
  • Digital and collaborative media dedicated to training
  • Implement creativity techniques within training


  • Improving your leadership in a cross-cultural environment
  • Lead and support change management from local to global
  • Define and use cultural features of your organization as an action lever


  • Improve sales behaviors and techniques for foreign customers
  • Prepare sales and promotion actions abroad