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Formation Professionnelle: quand le digital change la donne

La DigitalAcademy© a mené une enquête de terrain exclusive sur 6 tendances de la formation professionnelle impactées par le digital. L’avènement des nouvelles technologies, l’arrivée des digital natives sur le marché du travail et la transformation digitale des entreprises, sont autant de facteurs qui touchent aujourd’hui l’écosystème de la formation professionnelle et en modifient certains…
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24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World

We share with you this interesting article summing works from Richard D. Lewis about different types of organizations around the world. That doesn’t mean that we agree with every charts and analyses. That only gives a point of vue regarding possible types of organizations and their link with countries’ historical background . Different cultures can have radically…
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Importance of Organizations culture regarding their international development

Having worked between France and Japan for 7 years, lived in Southeast Asia for 3 years and being now in Qatar, I’ve watched and observed how French companies expand their activities abroad. As Consultant in organization I’m very concern about the impact of organization’s culture regarding international expansion. Why a company’s DNA could be either…
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